Prince Rupert Tourism receives grant to help tourism in the city

Divya Gill

Today's Cruise Ship announcement reinforces this summer will be a summer with no visitors

The federal government announced cruise ships carrying more than 100 people would not be allowed in Canadian waters until at least the end of October.

The Executive Director of Tourism Prince Rupert, Ceilidh Marlow said the news does not come as a surprise 

"We had anticipated already  the cruises would be limited or cancelled entirely this summer. "

Prince Rupert Tourism will be benefitting from a portion of ten million dollars grants from the BC Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. This fund will help Tourism Prince Rupert boast their operating costs and marketing strategy for the summer. 

Marlow said the fund will be a helpful aid as the city continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Will be very helpful this summer as we try to build out recovery strategy to help support our local tourism business. For example we are developing a regional marketing campaign to promote Prince Rupert for the summer, so those funds will be very helpful."

Marlow stated that every summer Tourism Prince Rupert creates a large marketing campaign across the province, across Canada and internationally if possible. However, because of the pandemic and the ban of cruises, the sector has decided to focus on regional residents only and try to attract them to come to Prince Rupert for the weekend.

"Cruises are a significant portion of our tourism sector  here and so the loss of cruise visitors this summer is going to take a toll absolutely so bringing out that local regional campaign  is one way that we can help to fill that gap for local businesses."

Destination BC created a campaign to help tourism sector recover. With their continued help Marlow believes their campaign will be successful because residents in the North are eager to support local and explore everything in the region.

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