School District 82 Board Presses Pause Button on Principal Reassignment

John Crawford

The Coast Mountains School Board has pressed the "pause" button on its controversial plan to reassign three Terrace school administrators.

At a jam-packed public board meeting in the School District 82 office in Terrace Wednesday night, School Board Chair Shar McCrory told a cheering crowd "we have heard you".

A "Save Our Principals" campaign sprang into being, with public protests, a letter-writing campaign and a petition, protesting the move.

McCrory announced Wednesday night that the administrators will remain in their current positions for another year, while independent consultant Dianne Turner conducts a full examination of the entire issue.



Back in April, the school board touched off a firestorm of protest, when it announced Suwilaawks Community School Principal Pam Kawinsky, as well as Skeena Middle School Principal Phillip Barron and vice-principal Cory Killoran, were being reassigned to teaching positions at the end of the school year.

[CFTK PHOTO:   June 12, 2019 protest in front of Skeena Middle School] 


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