Food, Wifi, and games Prince Rupert Port Authority finds a way to help mariners stuck at sea

Divya Gill

Today is International Day of the Seafarer, the Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) extends its gratitude to the world's seafarers and acknowledges the critical role they play in global trade, especially during this unprecedented pandemic

COVID-19 has restricted international travel for many months now and, hundreds of thousands of merchant mariners have been stranded aboard all over the world .

According to the Press release sent out by the port authority in Price Rupert, United Nations International Maritime Organization, some sailors have been isolated at sea for 15 months, well beyond the limit set by international conventions. 

This motivated the port to sign the Port Authorities Roundtable Declaration on COVID-19, to show its support for the men and women who are keeping seaborne trade flowing 

.{"PRPA has set up our North land terminal for the cruise to have a BBQ, we set up soccer nets and wifi}

So far, more than 30 seafarers have taken part in the shore break program, and have spent several hours relaxing, eating and accessing Wi-Fi to connect with their families and loved ones before going back to their vessel. For many of these mariners, it was their first time on dry land in several months.  Saurabh a crew member says he's extremely grateful.

The port says this is something they plan to do for the rest of the summer and will provide relief to seafarers every week. 

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