UPDATED: Port Edward man attacked by wolf

Divya Gill/John Crawford

 A wolf was been by Conservation Officer Monday night near Port Edward -- and officials will try to determine if it's the same animal who attacked a local Port Edward man three days earlier.

Seventy-two-year-old Stanley Russ is in hospital in Vancouver where he continues to recover from the attack.

Cam Schley -- the BC Conservation Officer in Charge of the Skeena Region -- is hoping they can some answers from the necropsy Wednesday.

"The necropsy will have some evidence that we'll be able to use to say one way or another that could be bite measurements or DNA."

Port Edward Mayor Knut Bjorndal is advising residents of the area to be vigilant about their safety especially since the return of school.

"People keep their children in their yards very close to home and under adult supervision at all time."

There is still no evidence that the wolf was feeding into garbage but Schley is urging residents to be more cautious with garbage management, as this is a key in preventing any wild animal habituating people.

[PHOTO:   BC Conservation Officer Service]


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