Update provided on Land use Plan

Divya Gill

A land use plan is a strategic document that helps guide the Port in carrying out its mandate to grow in support of Canada's trade with the world, while ensuring to maintain the commitment to sustainable environmental stewardship, operational safety, and healthy local communities.

The port opened a 60-day public comment period from June 18 to August 17 to hear the community's thoughts and concerns of the plan. Vice President of Public Affairs and Sustainability  Ken Veldmen provided feedback on the questions and comments they've received to so far.

"We heard lots of comments about jobs for example, and we're confident this plan defines the current and future employment base for the ports industry in this community and region  and its emphasis on diversification provides a lot of stability for that."

Another area Mr. Veldmen did address was the First Nation's community and the importance it has to the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

"PRPA is committed to ensuring that port related prosperity is shared in multiple ways  with our most important partners. Prince Rupert is an indigenous community by demographic and our local diversity is a strength, we recognize the we special role first nations play and the social and economic foundation of the port and their support and ongoing connection to the area."

Veldmen concluded by saying the community wants to continue being involved with decisions. So they've increased the frequency of updates to the plan, they've introduced new land use amendment procedures, proposed more regional government offices. They have also committed to investigate new approaches to managing social and cultural impacts on the ports development.


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