Port funds upgrades at Prince Rupert's Trinity Men's Recovery House

John Crawford / Divya Gill

Prince Rupert's Trinity Men's Recovery House has received a $20,712 financial boost from the Port Authority, as it begins an upgrade project at the facility.
The money comes from the port's Community Investment Fund, and will combine with other community organizations in Prince Rupert to provide $42,712 to help provide improved support for the intake of new clients and their personal recovery plans.
The renovation project will provide an enhanced reception office, personal lockers, new outdoor storage, and other services designed to improve operations and ensure exceedance of regulatory standards.  
The nine-bed Recovery House is a local live-in service for men who are recovering from addictions, and is currently the only one operating in Prince Rupert.
The clients give back to the community through volunteering regularly. 

Program coordinator Graham Edwards says these new upgrades have helped the facility have a more organized process when new clients come in.
Edwards says the recovery program is for 90 days, although those who wish to stay longer or or leave earlier can do so.
"Statistically it's proven, the longer that you spend in a recovering environment, the better changes you are going to have  to a more independent way of living," he explained.

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