Progress on Terrace Search & Rescue's new headquarters has slowed


Terrace Search and Rescue has received temporary occupancy to move equipment into its new headquarters on the corner of Greig Avenue and Clinton Street. Search Manager Dave Jephson says they are far from having a finished building, but the main construction is nearing its goal.

"We know we needed to move out, so we made sure we had a bathroom, all the electrical, exit lights all the stuff to meet temporary occupancy. It was a busy weekend where the volunteers came and started to move everything over."

Jephson mentioned that their work and progress is limited by the money that has been donated thus far.

"Now that we are at a certain stage and we have to look at heating, we have to look at air vac, and we are starting to add money. We are 400 - 500K easy, and that's always a changing number depending on what people give and what trade workers donated to use. We are so fortunate that there are so many trades that are committed to helping us."

He says that even though they have vacated the old premises, which Terrace SAR has occupied since 1992, they have to conduct training elsewhere.

"It is temporary. All of our training and our meetings and our classroom stuff will all be done at the Terrace Firehall. The temporary occupancy was strictly to store stuff there until we can raise more money to get the upstairs going. We won't get occupancy for a while."

Jephson says their greatly appreciative for the donations made but still needs the community's help to complete the hall.

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