Packed House For Electoral Reform Debate

Marek Tkach

With a referendum to change our voting system set to take place this fall, people in Terrace got the chance to discuss and learn more about proportional representation last night.

The event offered the chance to listen to politicians go back and forth, followed by an extensive question period from the audience.
The Days Inn conference room was jam packed last night with people looking to familiarize themselves with the electoral reform options that will be on this fall's referendum ballot.

"There are people who are worried that this is unconstitutional the way it's being put forward. There are people that think that it will make their vote count more. We just want to take all the distortion on it and try to clear it all up." Organizer from "The North Matters" group, Dave Johnston said.

In the left corner it was Prince George- Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris.

"When I see a process and systems that eliminate the quality of voting that we've struggled so hard to maintain in this country right from the beginning of the confederation, I have a problem with that. That's one of the reasons why I'm a strong advocate against proportional representation."