Protest At The Nisga'a Lisims Government Building

Hillary Johnson

Protesting the Nisga'a Lisims Government (NLG) was front and centre on Friday as a group of concerned residents gathered in front of the NLG building in Gitlaxt'aamiks. The group of approximately 10 people demanded more transparency from their government.

Accusations have been made against the NLG for mismanaging funds resulting after a now former government employee is alleged to have released financial documents to the public.

Now protesters say they want answers.



"We want the truth to come out. We want to see forensic audits on finances, not only to the Nisga'a Lismis government but to all the local villages. You don't see a lot of us here today but as long as there is one person here with a voice, then we speak for our families, our nation, our people who can't be here today," said protestor John Stephens.

Protest spokesperson John Barton explains what he wants to see emerge from their efforts.

"There'll be a lot of good positive changes so we can move forward for the people, it's the people, not just the office."

Nisga'a Lisims Government President Eva Clayton also made a statement, addressing the protesters.

"The Nisga'a Government cannot reach into the settlement trust fund at the whim of government. There are rules, regulations and procedures that govern our every move when it comes to taking accountability for the public funds that belong to the Nisga'a Nation, in which is administered and governed through that trust fund."

Clayton thanked the protesters for their concerns and encouraged residents to ask their elected representative's questions.

The President also acknowledged that serious allegations were being made in the email in question and it’s the government's obligation to review and investigate.

She said an impartial investigator has been hired to review the allegations.

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