Property crime concerns prompt lock-it-up messaging from RCMP

John Crawford

As property crime numbers continue to grow, Terrace RCMP are urging people to be proactive in keeping their homes and neighbourhoods secure.

Constable Crystal Evelyn says there are many steps you can take to help make your neighbourhood less attractive to criminals -- starting with making sure your doors are locked and secured.

She says it's far better to prevent a crime, rather than trying to track down someone who's already committed one.

"If somebody breaks into your house, even if police are able to catch the criminal and get them some jail time, we can never give you back that sense of security; once that's gone, it can be really hard to replace, so if we can take some steps to prevent and protect ourselves from ever having that sense of security robbed from us, then that's the way to go for sure," she says.


Staff Sergeant Michael Robinson says a good habit to get into is to spend the five minutes each night before bed to make sure your belongings are secure -- including your vehicle and any outbuildings on your property.

He says an unlocked vehicle is an open invitation for thieves.

Robinson adds parking something in your driveway doesn't necessarily make it safe.


Property left in driveways, carports, backyards, or out at summer properties are prime targets for thieves.

Items such as boat motors, boats and trailers, personal water craft, dirt bikes, motorbikes, scooters, and ATVs should be stored and secured properly.


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