Rain Cools Northwest Fire Hazard, But Cassiar Zone Still Dry

John Crawford

Recent rains have helped bring down the wildfire hazard across much of the province, including here in the northwest -- but there are still some dry areas, especially in the Cassiar Zone near the Yukon border.

Fire Information Officer Carolyn Bartos said that of the 15 fires currently burning in the Northwest Fire Centre region, 12 are in the Cassiar Zone -- which still needs more rain.  

"We are seeing increased drought codes and this has been prolongued since 2018, and with the weather, we do get some rain -- we did get a good amount of rain but not enough to saturate those increased dust layers so, yes the ground is still dry and it is still an issue for the Northwest Fire Centre," she said Wednesday afternoon.

Lightning sparked more fires within the Northwest Fire Centre region this week.

Bartos says there are four new fires reported on Tuesday and Wednesday -- most of them in the Cassiar.

But Bartos says only one fire is threatening a transportation corridor. 

"We do have a fire that is threatening the Eskay Forest Service Road, and at this time only essential personnel are being allowed to travel on it -- and that is about 40 kilometres west of Bell 2," she said Wednesday afternoon.


The fire hazard is currently "High" to "Extreme" for most of the Cassiar Zone, and "Low" to "Moderate" for more southern areas of the region.

In the Nadina Zone south of Houston and Burns Lake, the ground is saturated with water and there are no fires burning.

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