Rupert Hospital Looking to Mend Heli-Pad With Heat Replacement

Brittany Webster

A heat wave is coming to Prince Rupert Regional Hospital as bidding closes this week for the replacement of the heli-pad heating system.

Spokesperson for Northern Health, Eryn Collins, said the hospital's existing ground heating for the take-off and landing zone showed issues in December of 2017 as ice formed on the heli-pad.

"That affected some landings during the night in the winter months. So from about late December until later February the heli-pad operating hours had to be reduced to daytime only out of a concern that any ice build up on the pad wouldn't be able to be melted off by that heating system."

Replacement of the heating system is a four step process and a timeline for construction will come with the decision on a contractor.

"When they get the work underway, it will generally include demolishing the existing take-off and landing concrete pad that exists there. They'll be installing some heat trace cables in a new pad, connecting that all up, and then repainting the surface so that it meets the requirements for a heli-port landing spot."

Bidding closes on July 18th and Collins says they hope to have the project complete before the winter months.

During construction, helicopters will land at the alternate heli-pad in Seal Cove.

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