Transgender Day of Remembrance Now Recognized in Prince Rupert

Brittany Webster

Vigils are held annually across the nation on November 20 to remember transpeople who have lost their lives due to anti-transgender hatred, and this year Prince Rupert will hold its own.

Outside city hall at 6pm tonight, Ashley Wilson will read a list of names of transpeople killed in the past 12 months.

"The poliferation towards trans people continues to increase and be on the rise and it's very under reported," Wilson stated. "So the point of this day, all those people whose lives were exstinguished and the attempt to erase them, is to remember them and that they do exist and that those people were important."

Wilson hopes bringing a vigil to town will show support to anyone in the community who has yet to come out.

Despite the city proclaiming this day as Transgender Day of Remembrance and allowing use of city hall property, they have refused to fly the transgender or pride flags.

Following the vigil, people are invited to warm up and mingle in Javadotcup.

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