City of Prince Rupert to Assist in Derelict Vehicle Removal

Brittany Webster

With spring right around the corner, that means spring cleaning and the city of Prince Rupert is asking owners to remove their unsightly vehicles.

With many of the local impoundment yards at capacity, Prince Rupert residents have had limited options in disposing of their run down cars, but the city is reminding locals that for a 70 dollar fee and voluntary transfer of ownership the city will get rid of it for you.

Vehicles are considered unsightly if it is not registered or licenced in accordance to the motor vehicle act, it is not capable of movement under its own power, it is not licenced for a one year period, or if it is non-operational for more than one month during any 12 month period.

Vehicles with a fitted cover or housed in a carport or garage do not apply.

This option is offerred as an alternative to impoundment of unsightly vehicles and trailers, and the city says it is intended to be more affordable and low-barrier for vehicle owners, and allows for the vehicle to be recycled.

To take advantage of the vehicle removal service, residents can call Prince Rupert's bylaw officer at (250) 624-6852.

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