Rupert Lawn and Garden to Open Coffee Shop with New Store

Brittany Webster

Rupert Lawn and Garden has plans to open up a coffee shop as part of constructing their new store.

At last night's Prince Rupert city council meeting, mayor and councillors issued the required development permit for Rupert Lawn and Garden to demolish its current building and construct a new shop at their location on Bellis Road.

Manager Sheri Pringle says they've been tossing around the idea of a cafe for a while adding that it'd be a nice place for people to stop following a walk on Rushbrook Trail. "We've always kind of served coffee on site. It's kind of a great place to just come and wander around and we just got to brainstorming, it all kind of came on quick, and it was like 'Let's do it. Let's just make sure there's a cafe with some fresh food and some fresh coffee down in the Seal Cove area.'"

The coffee shop will be situated on Bellis Road with the new Rupert Lawn and Garden store in behind. A two-bedroom suite is also to be constructed above the store.

And while construction is ongoing, the business has opened up a pop-up location across from city hall.

"We're trying to do everything, so if people are still looking for their soils and their fertalizers they can come see us here," Pringle stated. "We might not have it on site, but we can definitely go get it for them if it's not on site."

Pringle says construction of the new shop is expected to be completed by spring of 2020.

"I've been a part of business in Prince Rupert for a long time and it's really great to be a part of growth. We're just hoping that, one, people are patient with our, you know, growing pains as we get all this figured out, but just to come check it out. We're really hoping that we can create environments. I've found that people are looking for experiences now, versus just looking to go buy something, and we're really hoping with both locations that we can make that happen."

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