Boil Water Advisory Continues in Prince Rupert


The City of Prince Rupert is working with Northern Health to deal with the water quality problem that prompted a boil water advisory late Friday afternoon.

The city says the advisory will likely remain in place until the end of the week at least.

A news release says samples showed cryptosporidium and giardia in the water at higher levels than acceptable.

It blames heavy rain following drought for washing debris into the water supply.

Residents and businesses in Prince Rupert are being urged to boil water continuously for one minute prior to drinking it, brushing teeth with it, or cooking or washing dishes or food that would be eaten raw.

Seniors, children and people with compromised immune systems are at the highest risk.

The city says home water filtration systems are not considered effective for removing the bacteria.







DECEMBER 14th, 2018 – PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. – Prince Rupert residents and businesses are advised that a Boil Water Notice is now in effect for Prince Rupert until further notice. Residents are directed to boil water continuously for one minute prior to drinking. Seniors, children, and people with compromised immune systems are at higher risk. It is anticipated that the notice will be in effect for over a week.


Samples have indicated cryptosporidium and giardia levels higher than acceptable. Clean water is paramount. For this reason, a community-wide notice will be in effect until future samples return to acceptable levels. Please note that home water filtration systems are not considered effective in restoring water quality in this instance.


This year a dry summer followed by a storm surge event resulted in debris in the water supply, which has contributed to the notice. The City and Northern Health will be consistently sampling and monitoring the supply, and will remove the notice once bacterial components are lowered to acceptable levels.


In August of this year, the City applied for funding to implement a two-phased water treatment system and replace the submarine line that carries our potable water beneath the harbour from Woodworth and Shawatlans lakes. This represents the final phase of the City’s water infrastructure replacement project – which has seen the replacement and the burial of the supply line to the dam, and will see the 100 year old dam replaced this year.


The City has sent this notice to local media and directly to residents via our municipal app and Connect Rocket emergency alert program. If you or someone you know have not subscribed to these services, please do so at




A boil water notice is issued when a health risk is determined in the drinking water source. We recommend boiling the water for a minimum of 1 minute when used for:


 Drinking


 Cooking (if not boiled)


 Brushing teeth


 Washing dishes


 Washing fruits & vegetables to be eaten raw


 Other treatment options:


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