Prince Rupert City Council still wants clarification on Cannabis Endorsement letter from Association

Divya Gill

Prince Rupert Council members are still looking for clarifications in response to the letter from the Privatized Cannabis retailers. 

In a letter sent to the mayor and city council, the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES) requested the approval for online payments and direct delivery that would be in line with  support of the social and physical distancing recommended by public health authorities during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Council members had a number of concerns about some of their requests;  specifically they wanted more clarity as to whether the goals for the Association are long term or just as a response to the pandemic. 

Councillor Barry Cunningham said allowing deliveries from these privatized shops isn't a concern - on a temporary basis  

"You know I wouldn't have a problem with supporting it  for the short term as far as, until  they come up with a some rules or whatever but as far as permanently doing it, it needs to be thought."

Special Advisor of the association Jaclynn Pehota said they believe that many municipal governments in BC should stand to benefit from these changes. 

This will reduce in-store traffic and lineups caused by physical distancing requirement. She continued to say the measures they'd like to implement are important because it will allows licensed, regulated, and tax-compliant retailers a means of competing with unregulated marketers who are openly selling cannabis online or offering in-person delivery options. 

The City council does plan to revisit this discussion once the Association provides more details.  

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