Prince Rupert recieves 14 million dollars to help ecnomic growth in the City

Divya Gill

Residents in the North Coast will be benefiting from nearly five hundred and forty thousand dollars in provincial grants for local recreation and economic development.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice said "This funding will help make North Coast communities even better places to live, and help our local economies as they build back from the economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic." 

Nearly one hundred thousand dollars will go to the Redesign Rupert 2030 Community plan.

Lax Kw'alaams Laku Creek Trail Loop will get a little more than forty-nine thousand dollars.
This is the first phase of an eight-trail system that will link Lax Kw'aalaams to Laku Creek and the Metlakatla Coastal Trail.

Hartley Bay Harbour will receive ten thousand dollars. 

The Hartley Bay Destination Trail Project will get three hundred and eighty thousand dollars. 

One hundred and twenty thousand dollars in grants is also going to three trails in Haida Gwaii

These local investments are part of nearly $14 million in grants for over 150 projects that will support economic development and recreational opportunities for rural communities throughout the province,

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