23 Year Old Bylaw Means Prince Rupert Goats Must Go

Brittany Webster

Prince Rupert's newest residents haven't been in town very long, and the city says they can't stay any longer.

Hanny and Tanny are the new additions to the Moby Dick Inn in Prince Rupert with the job of grass munching, since these residents have hooves for hands.

The mother and daughter goat duo were purchased earlier this week by the owners of the Moby Dick Inn to help with weed control on the property, but the city has told owner Teresa Lee they have to be out by the end of the day.

Lee says she purchased the goats because she was tired of constantly weeding out her garden and doesn't see what the problem is because they aren't harming anyone.

"The goats love the big space and lots of food and people start to come and look at it and take pictures and start posting on the Facebook. And then everybody, kids, mom and dad, and grandma, grandpa come and see. Look at them, they come and say hi to goats and it looks like the goats like the people too."

Lee says she is trying to find somewhere for the goats to go by the end of the day so she isn't fined by the city, but the original owner is unavailable to pick them up until next week and she says the Wildlife Shelter is not allowed to house the goats either.

Despite not being able to keep Hanny and Tanny, Lee has approached the Prince Rupert Special Events Society with the idea of having a zoo as part of Seafest. Lee says the owners of llamas from Port Edward are on board with the idea and Special Events says it is a possiblity if Lee gets the paperwork, insurance and city permissions completed.

The bylaw prohibiting livestock in Prince Rupert was signed in 1996.

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