Prince Rupert Goats Sticking Around for Seafest

Brittany Webster

Prince Rupert's goats are here for one more weekend, but a 23-year-old bylaw is keeping them from staying any longer.

Hanny and Tanny were purchased by Moby Dick Inn owner Teresa Lee to help with weed control beside the hotel, but the 1996 Livestock Prohibition Bylaw means keeping them is against the law, and Lee says the city is giving her until the end of the weekend to move them out.

"They called me, saying, last Friday, saying that I can keep it until Sunday. I said, 'Can I keep them a little longer, so the owner can come and pick it up?' But they said no, after Sunday then we have to start paying $100 a day."

Lee says she understands that it is the law, but she is sad to see the goats go.

"Oh yeah, so sad. They've become my pets and my daughter's pets. She comes every morning to change the water and see if everything is ok. And I think they've become pets of Prince Rupert."

Hanny and Tanny are being returned to their original owner next Tuesday.

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