Prince Rupert Council chooses C&C Road Maintenance for Summer Paving Plans

Divya Gill

Monday Night's Council Meeting awarded the city's summer paving plans to Kitimat Firm C AND C Road Maintenance.

Rather than the project costing the city a little over a million dollars if they went with Prince Rupert Adventure Paving. It will now cost them only 804,000 thousand dollars. 

Two Councillor Members Barry Cunningham and Nick Adey held to the mantra of Buy Local.

"200,000 thousand dollars is a lot of money and the city cant afford to throw it up in the air  and have it disappear but at the same time I'd really like to see us shop locally on that."

"I do think we need to recognize that if you pay a local company then a good portion of that money is coming back into the community, so it's not money draining out of the community."

Mayor Lee Brain says we have to find a balance between accountability to the tax payers and supporting local business.

"I think the taxpayers of this community, if we consciously chose to go 200,000 dollars to a local business, I mean we have been for the last six years basically trying to get the taxes under control and get the revenue in and now we have an ability to save tax payers money."

City's Director of Operations Richard Pucci, said the company has told them that they want to get all the paving done in a quite short span, so they'll be working long hours to get all the paving done at once. 

That being said, Council voted to approve the contract by a 6-2 vote.

And  date has not yet been set for when the paving will begin. 


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