NCRD Requests Half Million Loan for Recycling Facility Upgrades

Brittany Webster

Prince Rupert's Regional Recycling Facility is in need of some upgrades with a half million dollar request.

The North Coast Regional District did an assessment of the recycling depot in 2015 and 2016, and concluded with a 1.8 million dollar upgrade estimate, all of which still needs to be done.

Needed upgrades include new balers and electrical distribution equiptment, a new roof, energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting, and upgrades to the building's security, fire alarm, and emergency lighting systems.

The city of Prince Rupert is also considering the purchase of a multi-purpose garbage truck that can handle curbside recycling. "That has been considered in the asset management plan that was developed back in 2016. So, it would increase volume, but with these upgrades it would not increase volume so much so that we would not be able to handle the demand for service," said Daniel Fish, Corporate Officer for the NCRD.

The 500 thousand dollar request is being put through an alternative approval process, meaning that eligible electors have until February 28th to indicate their opposition. If more than 10 percent of eligible electors sign against, the funding will not be approved.


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