Big Plans Ahead: Prince Rupert Reveals 2030 Vision

Brittany Webster

Prince Rupert is changing, and last night at the Lester Centre the 2030 Vision for the city was showcased to the community and there are steps already being taken to make it happen.

In partnership with the Prince Rupert Port Authority, plans were announced for habitat restoration and public recreational access in the Seal Cove area, near the head of Rushbrook Trail.

Working with Lax Kw'alaams, 60 new subsidized housing units are to be built on 11th Avenue.

And plans to create more waterfront access were announced in partnership with Gitxaala. $30 million has been committed to creating a community space on the waterfront which will be known as Rupert's Landing.

Gitxaala hereditary chief Elmer Moody says he is very pleased with the work he's seeing done by the city and its partners and is excited to get the ball rolling. "Each one of us can sit around the table and talk about what it is that we want and what it is that we expect, but at the end of the day nothing's going to happen if we don't take up the cause to initiate an action."

And city planner Larry Beasley says the community is taking action and this is the fastest kickstart he has ever seen for a city. "Usually what happens is it takes a presentation, it takes a formal process with decision makers, and then slowly things get off the ground, you know if you look at our work in other cities. This was spontaneous. This was like a fire had started and it was just going. But the cool thing was, why we really liked it, was that every single thing we heard happening was consistent with this vision."

Beasley has worked on cities around the world and says Prince Rupert has been a unique project, because it's rare to work on a community with a vibrant economy coming and such a strong desire to maintain the natural environment.

Now that the presentation has been made Mayor Lee Brain says he's excited to turn the community into a place to raise his future family. "What I'm most excited about now that I'm the mayor of this community at 34 years old and we're doing this level of high level, sophisticated community development work, I feel like I'm going to have a town that I can raise my kids in that has future, that has lots of job prospects, that people can work and live in, that has the ameneties they're going to need, and I'm excited to build that type of vision for this entire community."

For anyone who missed the presentation it can be found in full on the city of Prince Rupert's YouTube channel.

Come January the city will be putting together a Vision Stewardship Council to keep the city on track and Mayor Brain says this is the time to move to Prince Rupert.

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