Final Preparations For Salmon Art Festival

Marek Tkach

This year's edition of Riverboat Days in Terrace will be the largest in terms of number of events in the festival's 30- year history.

A concept focused on celebrating one of the northwest's most precious resources, mixed in with showcasing local artists; and it's called the Skeena Salmon Art Festival.

"People are really keen to have art in town. We have some of the best artists in the world living and practicing here, but we don't see their art here in town, and people are just keen to embrace it. We are all choked up that we can't fish for salmon, and I think this is the next best thing." Said the event organizer Dave Gordon.

The festival includes a salmon theme art show at the Terrace art gallery beginning on August 3rd.

You might also notice a handful of salmon murals around town, those are also part of the festivities.

"The north is beautiful why would you not showcase it. If it was up to me, I'd have murals from here to Fraser Lake to make it a while corridor of art." Said Jeff King, the artist of the mural outside the Flying fish in Thornhill.

On August 10th, a 9 and a half foot wood carving of a Chinook salmon will be installed off the highway right as you get into to town during the annual Kermodei Tourism barbeque. 

"It's a big honour to be able to showcase a piece right along the highway where everyone goes through and comes in to town right away sees this big fish in the future. I've seen like 80- 90 pound Chinooks, and they are really important to feed us and for everything around us in nature." Said Joerg Jung, the carver of the massive fish.

Organizers have been saying the response from the community surrounding the festival has been amazing. With just over one week until Riverboat Days, final preparations are underway.

"This is the first year, but we hope to turn it into a multi year event. It's been a brainchild of a number of community people who sat around a table and said well what can we do?" Gordon continued.

Gordon also said he hopes the permanent salmon sculpture being unveiled at Kermodei Tourism encourages tourists to stop in Terrace and take a look around.

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