Coast Mountains School Board says it's trying to address teacher shortage

John Crawford

The Coast Mountains School District says it's trying hard to address the teacher shortage plaguing the district -- but it says it's not alone in this situation.

Acting superintendent Janet Meyer was responding to comments from the teacher's unions in both Terrace and Kitimat, following a public consultation meeting in Thornhill this week.

The unions  say recruitment and retention of teachers has hit a crisis point in School District 82, but Meyer says it's a widespread issue.

"It's a problem in most northern districts and organizations across the province are taking steps to address the recruitment and retention issue, and specifically our school district and our human resources department is actively recruiting across the country, if not beyond that."

[Janet Meyer (Acting Superintendent, SD82; Shar McCrory, School Bd Chair -- addressing public consultation meeting in Thornhill Dec 11, 2019 -- Hillary Johnson CFTK]

Coast Mountains School Board Chair Shar McCrory says the board is working hard to address it.

."The Board of Education is very aware of recruitment and retention issues in the district but also on a provincial level, and we have already sent letters, as you know, to the Ministry of Education and will continue to do so."

McCrory says the northwest branch of the BC School Trustees Association is also advocating on behalf of school districts dealing with recruitment and retention issues.


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