Seafest Parade will be taking a virtual route this year

Divya Gill

Prince Rupert's Seafest Parade will still be happening after all this year, but it will be slightly different!

The Special Events Society has announced plans to join forces with City West Community Television to present a Virtual Seafest Parade!

Alex Hogendoorn, Vice President of Prince Rupert Social events understands the community's disappointment when the city cancelled Seafest earlier this year. He said he knows the city and region still want to celebrate our home. 

"It's been a real coming together of all the different parts of our community our cultures, our hobbies our arts, what we put together and just to share it and celebrate. It's who are, no just Prince Rupert , we know that we celebrate seeing the Coast Tsimshian Academy coming by or the different canoes with the elderly or Terrace and Smithers when they send their floats, its our neighbourhood."

Setting up a virtual parade allows the community to get together and celebrate just that.

"It's an invitation for the community to come together and and be apart of it. so that's why we're going about it this way, were not giving too much directions because we want you to present yourself."

Community participation will be the key. Organizations, businesses and others are invited to get creative and submit short videos anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. 

"Some of the ideas I've given are simply show us the float that you meant to show us or if you plan to take your canoe down main street with your elders, do that anyways and give us greetings that way."

All videos can be sent This year's parade will be broadcast on June 27 at 11am on City West Community Television channel 10.

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