Shames Mountain Pleads with People to Stay Away

Kathy Brookes

My Mountain Coop is pleading with skiers and snowboarders to stop coming to Shames Mountain.

Shames ended its season early due to the coronavirus pandemic, but a Facebook post from the ski hill operators says the crowd in their parking lot on Saturday was not a display of the community practicing social distancing. The post says the lot was nearly full of people mingling, including entire families and guests from all ends of the world.

As responsible business owners, crown land tenants and Canadians, it says they're asking everyone to abstain from coming to Shames to recreate.

While the ski hill's lifts and services are shut down, Shames is still a jumping off point into snowy backcountry.

But they also point out Avalanche Canada is ending its forecasting service early and local emergency services are affected by the virus crisis and may not be able to respond as quickly to calls for help from the backcountry.

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