Skeena Salmon Arts Fest Society Art Initiative

Hillary Johnson

The Skeena Salmon Arts Fest Society gave an update to Terrace City Council about this year's downtown public art initiative. Projects include a banner program, sculptures, murals, the millennium salmon migration project, the annual Skeena art show and much more. All works will be undertaken by local artists who have been submitting their work for consideration. Dave Gordon made a presentation on behalf of the society, explaining the purpose and benefits of these projects.

"We want to create a vibrant downtown, we want to drive destination tourism to town, we want to build our arts community. Art can attract and retain families in our town, and it's a chance to partner and reconcile with our first nation's neighbours."

The society is also conducting community-level projects allowing kids to spread some colour throughout Terrace.

"We've had the carpentry class at the high school cut out big salmon, the shape and size of the five species that we have here. Kids at schools have been painting them as well, and we’ve worked with Carmen to plan to have those installed on the Millennium pathway fence. We hope that’s something we can keep going year to year, gives us a chance to have kids work on our art project."

When it comes to murals, the society thinks the bigger the wall, the better!

"As you look around town, we have lots of empty walls, so we have years’ worth of work here to do, and I'd actually like to step it up next year with some support from the city and paint some of the really big walls in town. Our focus has been to try and retain professional artists in the region so we can get the best quality art that we can for our murals."

Gordon also hopes that the City of Terrace will be open to discussing future budget considerations for additional public art projects.

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