Skeena Taxi Ready to Take On Ride-Hail Competition

Brittany Webster

Ride-hail services are heading this way as the province will start accepting applications beginning September 3rd.

Prince Rupert's Skeena Taxi isn't too worried about the incoming competition however, and manager Bill Langthorne says they'll do what they've always done, focus on providing great service.

"I don't want to blow our own horn, but we're pretty hard to compete with. We are here 24/7, been around a long time, we have computerized dispatch, and we cover it all."

Skeena Taxi has 45 cars running through owner-operator licencing, which may increase if ride-hail makes its way to Prince Rupert, something the company is already preparing for.

Approximately eight of their cars are now equipped with a debit machine with more to be installed, and Langthorne says they hope to add a second handicap accessible vehicle in the near future.

"We've been approved for a second licence and that application is valid for us to act on until December 31st of this year. And we're currently trying to encourage someone to invest in a wheelchair taxi and we'll give them a subsidized operation day shift at Skeena Taxi."

It was announced on July 8th that ride-hailing would be making its way to BC, and ride-hail vehicles are expected to be on the road before the end of the year.

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