A young Prince Rupert Man tries to save the Sm'algyax Language

Divya Gill

A young Prince Rupert young resident -- Brendan Eshom  -- launched an indigenous language app this weekend and after just 2 days since the launch the app is now on the Apple App Store Top Charts sitting at 159 in the education category!!

The app called Sm'algyax Work -- is a free app that builds on the success of Eshom's website. Each day, a new word from the Sm'algyax language is added to a curated collection of terms.

Eshom, who graduated from Charles Hays Secondary School last month, launched the smalgyaxword website when his Grade 12 timetable could not accommodate a Sm'algyax course.  

Hence, Researching and sharing vocabulary - both online and through the app - have become means of self-directed study

"It was just a desire to be able to spread the language. It almost feels like you are apart of something more as well, because you are preserving a language that is dying out. there is only a certain amounts of fluent speakers left and there are some people that are trying to revive it and I'm just apart of that," he explained.

He said after all the work that was put into making the app happen he feels truly humbled that people are making an effort to know more about the language. 

"It also, obviously, makes me feel good because that was the exact intention of the app, to get people to download it and immerse themselves with the culture and traditions of Sm'algyax."

Eshom will be attending the University of British Columbia in September. 

He plans to continue distributing Sm'algyax language resources through a growing number of channels.

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