Smithers Recycling Depot Hit By Fire -- Closes Tatlow Road

John Crawford

Fire crews from Smithers and neighbouring communities are on the scene of a huge fire at the Smithers Recycling Centre on Tatlow Road.

Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach says he was told by Fire Chief Keith Stecko that the damage is extensive.

"It sounds like the fire spread from the yard into the building and he said they're going to be there for a while, it's a large complex fire and obviously there's a lot of stockpiled recycling on site and it sounds like it's a challenging one so we're pretty thankful for the volunteers of our fire department and for Telkwa and Houston -- this is the kind of event when communities can really help each other out and we're very thankful," said Bachrach.


At this point, there's no word on what sparked the fire -- and there are no reports of any injuries.

Tatlow Road has been closed to all traffic and motorists are asked to avoid the area until further notice.


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