Smithers Regional Airport still waiting for resumption of commercial air service

John Crawford

Residents of Smithers are becoming impatient for commercial air service to return to the Smithers Regional Airport.
Air Canada and Central Mountain Air both suspended all their flights into Smithers -- and many other airports --  in mid-March because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Terrace was the only northwest airport offering limited service during that period.
But while Air Canada resumed service to Prince Rupert on a five-flight-per-week basis on June 21st, flights to and from Smithers Regional Airport remain suspended, until at least August 23rd.

[PHOTO:  Smithers Regional Airport terminal -- Town of Smithers]  
The airport recently underwent an extensive terminal modernization project, and Deputy Mayor Gladys Atrill says it's disappointing to see it sitting idle right now.
"We demonstrated our faith in the airport by investing a lot  of money in it -- a modernization project that is complete -- so the airport itself is ready to go and we did a little bit of research on what it costs to use our airport, because we often hear that it's just too expensive to fly into Smithers but in termis of the costs that are charged to the airlines, we are not an expensive airport, and in fact we're cheaper than some of our neighbours for the airlines to use," she said.
Atrill says the Smithers economy and travelling public rely heavily on the local airport, and she's anxious to see service resume. 

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