Solidarity Paddle for Jessica Patrick Today at Tyhee Lake

John Crawford

Friends and family of a Smithers woman, whose body was found along Hudson Bay Mountain Road last month, are taking part in a "Solidarity Paddle" on Tyhee Lake today (Friday).

The event is being organized by the Dze L K’Ant Friendship Centre Society in Smithers.

Spokesman Mel Bazil says the recent death of 18-year-old Jessica Patrick Balczer, who had been missing for two weeks before her body was discovered down a steep bank next to a road-side pull-out, has hit the community hard.

"There's many people who are already missing people and there was also last year, there was the Brown family from Witset are missing their daughter Frances and so very fresh news to a lot of people, a great deal of younger generation were really attached to Jessica and her loss has really brought up a lot of the old hurt for many communities, not just here in Witset but also elsewhere," said Bazil.


The Solidarity Paddle begins at 1 o'clock this afternoon at Tyhee Lake.

The RCMP have not said how Jessica died, but are still asking the public for any information that can help officers as they investigate the case.

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