Spring Break Soccer In Terrace

Hillary Johnson

Spring break has arrived and some kids are choosing to spend it here, participating in a local youth soccer clinic. Kids, ages 5 to 14, were permitted to sign up to learn the fundamentals of the sport. Coach Nick Kollias has been running this program for 15 years with Coach Robert DeSilva. Kollias has a passion for the sport and explained what this program is about and how it started.   

“I believe, in 2001, I got my certification coaching level national license and started the soccer camps and working with BC soccer. With the soccer camps go out for drills, like shooting, passing, receiving the ball, little bit; tactics”   

Assistant soccer coach and player, Brenna Axelson, explained why she likes to volunteer at the program.   

“I just kind of  like help out with the younger kids especially, help them run drills, give them little corrections here and there but mostly with the younger kids; it's just encouraging them to keep playing so its lots of fun seeing other kids doing what I did when I was young.”

“The President of Terrace Youth Soccer, Blaine Kluss, spoke about coach Kollias work and the positive affect it has had on youth in this community.”

“We support Nick 100% in his endeavors of the soccer clinic and the work that he has done over the years; absolute marvelous job with the younger kids; and we certainly see it as the season progresses and the development. Nick also does this as the benefit for the community. After his expenses are covered, believe almost all the money, if not all, goes to scholarship fund he then provides graduating kids from Caledonian a few extra dollars to help with their education.”

Not only are these kids improving on their soccer skills but having fun as well.

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