Still No Service to Prince Rupert - AMHS Update

Brittany Webster

It's been two weeks since Alaska ferries stopped service to Prince Rupert and Mayor Lee Brain says poor communication has played a role in why there isn't a solution yet.

The Alaska Marine Highway Service discontinued service to Prince Rupert on October 1st after the US federal government demanded that Canadian law enforcement officers be on hand during American customs inspections at the terminal.

And Brain says the State, city and others didn't know it was going to be an issue until too late. "Nobody was notified that these legislations were in affect until you get a letter that says new legislation. And so, one of the things that the federal government I don't believe does fairly well is communication with all the stakeholders in the area including the state of Alaska. And so we're all in the same boat I would say, no pun intended, around this issue."

But Brain notes the customs issue isn't the only one to deal with as they work to reinstate the ferry service.

He says there are much needed upgrades to the terminal in Prince Rupert and significant budget cuts in the state of Alaska.

Still, Brain believes they've found some interim solutions and hopes to bring them to the public in the near future.

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