Senators say they have a better understanding of Northern BC Lighthouses

Tour of lighthouses proves useful


The lighthouse destaffing meeting between senators and Northwest Residents over the weekended has had a positive impact on Senators.

Senator Nancy Greene Raine of the Standing committee on Fisheries and Oceans agrees lighthouses and lighthouse keepers play a vital role on BC's North Coast after touring a few lighthouses near Prince Rupert.

"They're just, they're all so different. They're all unique and  when I look at them as  a Canadian, I'm so proud of how they're maintained and really have an understanding for why they are where they are and the function they play and seeing the lightkeepers and the job they do, I tell you it's very impressive" Said Raine before going into a meeting to hear people's concerns regarding destaffing.

Raine, a BC native and four other senators from Ontario and the Maritime Provinces were in Prince Rupert on Saturday to hear the concerns of various groups who are opposed lighthouse destaffing. The committee will present a report to the fisheries minister at the end of this year on information they gathered from various Coastal communities in the Province.

 Sahar Nassimdoost - Prince Rupert