Prince Rupert Mayor optimistic about 2011

A lot in store for a struggling City says Jack Mussallem


With 2010 coming to an end and attention being focused on 2011, Prince Rupert's Mayor says he's optimistic about the new year ahead and what it will mean for the City.

"Going forward I think the next 3-5 years in Prince Rupert will show really the merits of Prince Rupert as a world class port and the opportunity with an upturn in the economy an opportunity for growth and for more jobs and more development in the community and of course greater opportunity brings more people and that will help our downtown core and that will help the community overall with it's needs and its development for a lot of the things that people want in Prince Rupert which the Council has not been able to provide because of the previous economic downturn." Says Mussallem.

January will also mark Mussallem's final year in the final three year term in office but he says running for Mayor for a third time is a possibility. But Mussallem says he will be speaking with this supporters first to see if he has their vote in the next round.