Troll Fishery Closed

North Coast Fisherman outraged


The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has closed the Troll fishery in the North Coast. Last Monday the fishery announced that trollers would have to stop fishing by midnight of the following day.

According to DFO, 22 vessels caught 66-thousand Chinook Salmon between June 9th and 20th and says the fishery closed because Chinook only make up 7%of the Salmon on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. DFO's website states that "The allowance for mortalities of the WCVI Chinook in the Area F fishery is 3,477." The notice further states that "Based on an estimated troll catch of 66,000 Chinook Salmon harvested from June 9th-20th and the genetic sampling results, the preliminary catch estimate for WCVI Chinook is 4,620 Chinook."

Meanwhile Commercial fisherman are outraged and say the DFO not only failed to provide enough notice of the closure, they say they're allowing sports fisherman to continue to fish Chinook.

They say the decision has nothing to do with fish management but rather preferential treatment of the sports fishing sector. Commercial fisherman have called for an emergency meeting and have been told that the DFO will meet with them this week. The Troll fishery would normally be open until July 21st.