Justice for Justin Fund Banks $2,500

Justin Brooke's Son Without Dad this Father's Day


The Justice for Justin fund has raised over $2,500 dollars towards a private investigator.

This comes after Justin Brookes, aged 21 died at the Rotary Park Waterfront almost three months ago.

It was ruled a drowning, but his family is desperate for more answers.

This weekend would have been Justin's first fathers day, with his one year old son.

In honour of his sons loss, his family will be holding an auction at chances casino in Prince Rupert this Sunday.

 The family still has a lot more money to raise until they can reach their goal of a pricey private investigator.

"First off you have to pay for their time, and basically it's hourly for them to investigate the case and you have to pay for their transportation, a hotel, a car and food, so you have to cover all of that. It has taken a lot of time of effort from family and friends and the community, we have been doing fifty-fifties, bake sales and this is our biggest auction." - Cheryl Ryan, Justin's Mother