TransCanada contributes $50,000 towards Terrace Splash Park


TransCanada is making a big donation to help build a Splash Park in Terrace.

At a presentation hosted by the Rotary Clubs of Terrace and Skeena Valley, the company announced a $50,000 contribution to help build a community Splash Park.

"Terrace is a new community to us." said TransCanada's Community Relations Lead Jaimie Harding. "We've been engaging with Terrace residents and local leaders for the last four years on the project and we've heard loud and clear that they want us to invest in community initiatives and leave a legacy, and we think that the splash park is going to do just that."

Last year, Terrace City Council approved the Splash Park as an addition to the existing playground in George Little Park. The Rotary Clubs will pay for construction of the project, with the City taking care of maintenance costs once it is built.

"There's been so much support." said Rotary Splash Park Chairman Kelly Gingles.  "Last year we had a lot of good hot days and it would have been awesome if we had a splash park here... just being able to bring the kids over and cool them off. So I'm looking forward to it."

Slowly the committee behind the project has been fundraising and collecting donations, hoping to gather the $250,000 needed to build the water park.

"When we announced that we were going to invest $50,000 to become their top tier diamond level sponsorship, they were over the moon and, like I said, it's not everyday you get to make a call like that" said Harding.

"It was just a bit of shock and awe" said Gingles. "All of a sudden it's like 'wow this is really going to happen.' We're almost half way and it's attainable now."

With today's contribution from TransCanada, the clubs are now roughly half way to reaching their fundraising goal. Gingles says he's optimistic the dream splash park will become a reality in 2017.