Final Push For McKay Street Park To Win $100,000


The Mayor of Prince Rupert is urging everyone to keep voting for a park that could win $100,000.

 The McKay Street Park has been holding the lead over the ten finalists in the province-wide BCAA Play Here contest, but not by much.

 Mayor Lee Brain wants everyone to know they can cast four ballots a day by using Facebook, Twitter, Google and an e-mail account.

 Mayor Brain says McKay Street Park is adjacent to the largest subsidized housing complex in Prince Rupert, which alone houses approximately 400 + residents - namely young families.

 Manager of Kaien Island Anti-Poverty, Colleen Hermanson, is hoping to see the park get the money as well.

"It really isn't a field any longer. It's over grown trees. We have a small community garden over there and the children play on one basketball hoop and small amount of pavement. So, if we were to win that money and be able to make a transformation over there, it would be wonderful for everyone that's living in the area."

Residents have until June 18th to vote. You can vote by visiting BCAA's Play Here website: .