Thornhill to Conduct Governance Study


The city of Terrace has opted to support a study that will examine the future of Thornhill. 

The study will garner information needed to make a decision on the merits of a change in local governance in the area.

Greater Terrace is home to almost 20,000 people... of whom 4,000 live in Thornhill.

A number of Thornhill residents have declared interest in considering an alternate governance system.

The last formal restructure study in 1997 and led to a referendum on the possibility of amalgamation with the City of Terrace.

However, amalgamation did not receive sufficient support from Thornhill residents.

The Board of the Regional District and the Terrace City Council have requested the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing now approve and fund a Governance Study for the area.

The options to be considered are the incorporation of Thornhill as a stand-alone community, the joint incorporation of Thornhill and the City of Terrac, either through a boundary extension to include Thornhill or through establishment of a new municipality, or keeping Thornhill as an unincorporated community.

The study is to begin later this year, and be completed by the end of 2018.