Residents Help City of Prince Rupert Wipe Away Vandalism at Mariners Park


Kiara Lemarre was disappointed when she discovered Mariners Park was once again vandalized.

This is the fourth time the park has been reported vandalized since the fall. It was also struck three times while it was undergoing renovations late last year.

Lemarre says it's unfortunate to see things like this take place.

"We get to have new parks and have new things. There's a lot of people moving back to raise families because it's a great place for doing that."

That's when she decided to assit in scrubbing away the eyesore.

"It's for the kids. They don't deserve to see swear words and other images on the playground. They shouldn't have to clean it up or even have to deal with that kind of thing."

Kiara's mother, Christine Pottle, was just getting out of exercise class when she heard about the disappointing act and decided to help wash away the bad.

"I'm very angry about it. I just moved back here and saw the previous incident on Facebook. It's very disappointing to see, but helping out and lending a helping hand is the Prince Rupert way."

Kiara has a message for the vandals out there.

"I hope they learn a severe lesson. You're hurting the children and nobody else."

The City of Prince Rupert is calling the vandalism very disrespectful.

Officials have worked on the lighting in the area to improve security at the park.

If you saw anything suspicious Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, you're asked to give the RCMP a call.