Cullen Vows to Press Federal Government For Help in Building New Terrace Hospital


Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen says he will continue to pressure the Trudeau government to free up federal money to help Terrace get a new hospital.

Cullen says Terrace is in urgent need of a Level Three Trauma Centre to replace the aging Mills Memorial Hospital -- and that Fort St James is in a similar situation.

"We've made cases in the past with the Burns Lake and Haida Gwaii hospitals that the feds should come in because so much of the people coming through the door come from First Nations reserves, which are a federal responsibility, and we know there's cronic underfunding to those communities as well for health care," said Cullen.

He says Justin Trudeau promised to reverse the cuts made by the Harper Conservatives to transfer payments to the provinces, and it's time the Prime Minister delivered.

Cullen also says, with a BC election coming up in a few months, he wants to make sure the provincial parties recognize the need for new hospitals in both Terrace and Fort St James.