Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

Prince Rupert Tourism


With Tourism season just right around the corner Prince Rupert prepares to welcome guest from around the world with new ideas and great accommodations that suitable for a diverse crowd.

 Prince Rupert's Chamber of Commerce held their monthly luncheon at the Crest Hotel this afternoon with Chair of Tourism Scott Farwell speaking on behalf of Tourism Prince Rupert.

“I think overall we’ll see a good tourism season during the peak season with the sports fishing industry as well as the touring component and such, BC Ferries Vacation and a number of other touring operators that are moving folks in through Rupert as part of the Totem Circle Tour,” says Farwell.

 Farwell says he believes with the Canadian dollar being so low there will be a slight increase in American citizens that will be traveling to through the region.

 “I think Prince Rupert is a component of that Totem Circle Tour so that broad appeal of the wilderness, the wildlife and those opportunities that we take for granted on a regular basis. A number of folks even from the lower mainland into U.S Border States and such or European travelers, really is something that they’ve never seen, they’ve never experienced and are really looking forward to experiencing here," says Farwell."

 Farwell says Prince Rupert has a wealth of great offerings, such as the restaurants, the attractions, the whale watching and grizzly bear tours just to name a few. However, he says there’s a gap in retail offerings.

 “Really folks if you take a close look and you don’t have to walk very far—if you were to come off a cruise ship in Prince Rupert in 2017 and start walking up 3rd Avenue you wouldn’t make it 2 blocks and you’d be back to the ship. Because in every other community in North America, when you see boarded up buildings, block after block after block that tells you you’re in the wrong part of town and you need to get back to safety as soon as you can. I think it’s appalling that we allow this to continue,” Farwell.

 “If I offended you and you own one of those buildings that needs repair, well I’m kind of happy I guess, maybe it’ll encourage you to do something about it,” says Farwell.

 Farwell says in 2015 Prince Rupert Tourism received funding through Destination British Columbia to look for new ways of providing information to visitors in the community.

 “So we developed an iPad and an iPad kiosk that’s located throughout Prince Rupert. We had 9 of them we added another additional 6 this year,” says Farwell.

 The intent is to provide an opportunity for folks to access information about things to do and places to see in Rupert without having to go to the traditional visitor information centre.