Rupert's Baby Finds Her Dad


"Rupert's Baby" has found her dad.

Janet Keall, who was born in Prince Rupert and then was left abandoned outside Prince Rupert Regional Hospital in October 1977, told the Vancouver Sun newspaper that she's managed to find her birth father.

Last December, Keall told a public meeting in Prince Rupert that she'd discovered who her birth mother had been -- but that the woman had died just three months earlier.

Since then, she's managed to speak to someone who had known her birth mom back in the 1970's -- and that person gave her the name of a former boyfriend of the woman -- and a search through an old Prince Rupert Secondary School yearbook and then a phone book helped her find him.

Keall, who now lives in PEI, says she's spoken to the man, who had never known his former girlfriend had become pregnant.

Keall's research has also uncovered four half-siblings, one of whom died shortly after birth. 

All of the children were abandoned by their mom.