Student Protest

Hillary Johnson

Save Our Principles, was the chant of more than a dozen Skeena Middle School students protesting outside the Coast Mountain Board of Education School District 82 office today in Terrace. The students left their classrooms in protest to the recently announced staff changes within their school. Skeena Middle Schools current principal, Phillip Barron and Vice Principal, Cory Killoran have been assigned to teaching positions in the upcoming school year. Grade 9 students, Sydnee MacDonald and Makenzie Kinney, explain the student’s outrage.


“They don’t deserve this! They are really good principals and so I’m standing here today to protest because I have been with them my whole life! I’ve grown up with them and their kids! He has always treated everyone so good! They both always have smiles on their faces and I just think it’s better to keep them here than have Cindy come in.”


“I feel like Mr. Barron and Mr. Killoran do so much, not only for the school, but for the community and I feel like it’s so unfair to just demote them for not giving us a reason at all either. They just decided to tell us like, oh ya, they have been demoted, they're not going to work here at the end of the year, so I feel like, after everything they do, it’s a slap in the face. They shouldn’t be demoted at all. By being here and supporting, it’s showing how much we care about them and how much we need them in our school.”


Since the board’s news release, there has been no additional information regarding the reasons for these staffing changes.

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