Tahltan Demand Halt to Jade, Placer Mining in Their Territories

John Crawford

The newly re-elected President of the Tahltan Central Government has followed through on his threat to personally visit jade and placer mining sites within Tahltan territory and demand their operators cease their activities.

Last week, Chad Norman Day called on the provincial government to halt all jade and placer activities within Tahltan territory --- to stop issuing jade and placer claims --- and to address unathorized use of access roads.

And he warned if the province failed to do that, the Tahltan would take all necessary steps to shut down the industries themselves.

Yesterday, accompanied by Tahltan officials Scott Hawkins and Kim Marion, Day visited ten different jade and placer sites by helicopter, and read aloud a statement to each company that  their operations do not have the consent of the Tahltan people, and that those operations infringe on their aboriginal rights and title.
The Tahltan say they're concerned about what they call an "inadequate provincial regulatory regime'' covering jade extraction and placer mining.

[PHOTOS BELOW:  Tahltan Central Government]




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