Tamitik Housing Concerns at Kitimat Council

Hillary Johnson

An uproar of concerned citizens gathered at the Kitimat City Council Monday night in the hope of keeping the conversation alive about the proposed Tamitik Housing project. Residents feel that their opinions of their future next-door neighbours are not being taken into consideration. Multiple residents took to the podium to plead their case while the community rallied behind them. Jack Oviatt a resident of Strawberry Meadows made a presentation on how this proposed project will affect him and other residents.

"It's been said that I will have no impact by the Tamitik Status of Women proposal but as you can see from the attached pulmonary site plan. I have 9 lots in the new subdivision that will have adjoining plot lines to plot 13 461 Quatsino. I expect the value of those lots to be negatively impacted drastically by the project proposed by Tamitik Status of Women."

Tammy Demedeiros also made a presentation inviting the Council to visit the community to continue the conversation and see the possible impact.

"I'm inviting and asking at this meeting that all councillors please consult with me or other residents of Strawberry Meadows, Cranberry Street we welcome you. I'm requesting that everyone please take a step back re focuses learn that together we can work this out."

City Council assured that the matter will be a continued discussion and are dedicated to listen to the residents affected by this project.

"I think it's worthwhile to make sure that as people are making decisions on behalf of the community that we have every bit of information we can get including other additional information that public consultation we have there so there's a few different questions that I have and I think that might be a good opportunity to facility that among others that have some discussions with our staff as well." Councillor Terry Marleau explained.

Before this proposed project will be approved, a public hearing will be held sometime in February for final comments and discussions.

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