Telegraph Creek cut off by road washout

John Crawford

Telegraph Creek remains cut off from the rest of the province, thanks to a washout on Highway 51.
The road is completely severed at  9 Mile Creek and Drive BC has no estimate on when it might be reopened.

[PHOTO:   Chad Norman Day / Facebook] 
Tahltan Band Council Chief Rick McLean says the damage is extensive, but crews are working hard to repair it.

He says it's believed beaver activity in the area caused the problem.

[PHOTO:   Chief Councillor Rick McLean, Tahltan Band

"A beaver dam let go up the mountain and came down and took out the road -- we have crews on site now and the Ministry of Transportation has assessed it and it looks like it's fairly safe; we have a geotech to do a further look at the slope up above the road to make sure it's going to be safe; it looks pretty good but with some of the banks and stuff cut away, we just gotta make sure -- they're going to be putting a temporary road in to create some access to get people moving, and then they'll work on it over the next couple of weeks getting it back in shape again," he said.
In the meantime, a helicopter has been used to transport a few people who'd been stranded in the village by the washout. 
McLean says road monitors have been set up to make sure the area stays safe -- and he encourages everyone to monitor Drive BC for the latest information on the road's status.

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